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Bloomfield Township, Ontario County, New York
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Bloomfield Township, Ontario
County, New York - 1829

The Phelps and Gorham Purchase was the purchase in 1788 of the pre-emptive right to some 6,000,000 acres (24,000 km˛) of land in western New York State for $1,000,000. This was all land in western New York west of Seneca Lake between Lake Ontario and the Pennsylvania border. The purchasers were Oliver Phelps and Nathaniel Gorham, both of Massachusetts, and the seller was the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Although Phelps and Gorham purchased pre-emptive rights to all 6,000,000 acres, they were only able to extinguish Indian rights — and obtain clear title — to the portion east of the Genesee River. That area was devided into six by six mile squares numbered south to north as Townships one to fourteen and from east to west as Ranges one to seven.

On January 27, 1789, Ontario County was created and its inhabited portion organized into provisional districts, or towns with an incompleted civil jurisdiction. One of these was called Bloomfield, which was located in Township 10 in Range 4 and partial Range 5, and included within its boundaries all that is now Mendon, Victor and East and West Bloomfield. The two towns first mentioned were taken off in 1812, and West Bloomfield in 1833. The latter creation necessitated a change in the name of the mother town, hence it was called East Bloomfield.

Sally Maria's family lived in Bloomfield Township from about 1817 though 1822. Sally Amria's grandparents Knight and Elizabeth Cutler also live in Bloomfield Township around the same time.

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