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Platte City, Platte County, Missouri
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Platte City Map - 1907

Platte County, Missouri was organized on December 31, 1838, after the Platte Purchase in 1837. It was named for the Platte River, which flows through the County.

On November 16,1839 at a meeting at Martinsville, it was decided by a board of commissioners that the Falls of Platte (later Platte City) be the seat of justice in Platte County. The Platte County Court approved this site as the location of the County Seat on December 4, 1839, due to its central location and officially named the site Platte City. Thus, in the spring of 1840, the town of Martinsville moved over into what is now known as Platte City.

The first circuit court was held at the log cabin of M.D. Faylor in the Falls of Platte on March 25,1839. Construction on the first county courthouse was started in September 1840. It was completed and opened for use in December 1842. The original courthouse was located one block west of where the current courthouse resides. It stood about where Wellsbrook Antiques, the Landmark and Farley Law Office are located. It was a two-story building costing $15,000 to build. Church services of all denominations were held on the second floor. Chairs were by subscription and helped pay the cost of the building. The first church to erect it's own building was the Methodist in 1848, followed by the Baptist in 1850, the Christian, in 1855 and the Catholic, in 1870. The Presbyterian had organized in 1843 and shared the Methodist Church building for services.

Platte City was incorporated as a city in September 1843. A charter was obtained from the Legislature in 1845 for Platte City. At this time Main Street was graded and sidewalks laid.

Source: Platte City Area Chamber of Commerce

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